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Serbian Chant


    Trio for Oboe, Cello and Piano


LOOK-Mvt I. The Janus Cup.pdf
LISTEN- Mvt. I The Janus Cup (front side).mp3
LISTEN- Mvt. II The Baghdad Blues.mp3
LISTEN- Mvt. III Simple Compounds.mp3
LISTEN- Mvt. IV Igor's Pet Walrus.mp3
LISTEN- Mvt. V The Janus Cup (back side).mp3

James Ryon, Oboe; Regina Mushabac, Cello; Luciana Soares, Piano,
$25.00  Score/Parts

A playful 12 minute work featuring five short movements composed for Oboist James Ryon and the Burle Marx Trio (Louisiana State Univ) during Dec 04/Jan 05.  The work was premiered by the Burle Marx Trio at LSU on Wed, Oct 5, 2005 and was performed by the ensemble in Rio de Janiero, Brazil later that same month. The ensemble also performed the work at the 2006 International Double Reed Society (IDRS) conference in Muncie, Indiana.  The audio mp3's above are from the LSU performance and features James Ryon, Oboe; Regina Mushabac, Cello; Luciana Soares, Piano

I.    The Janus Cup (front side)
            [the cup is half full]

II.    The Baghdad Blues
            [a rose between two thorns]

III.    Simple Compounds
            [Brahms mit shades]

IV.    Igor's Pet Walrus
            ["semolina  pilchards"]

V.    The Janus Cup (back side)
            [the cup is half empty]

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