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Serbian Chant


"Four Points of View" (1990)

for Violin and Cello 

I. Eastern Soliloquy 

II. Western Slap-rap 

III. Northern Nocturne 

IV. South-Serbian Romp!

Duration @ 11 min.

LOOK- Mvt II Western Slap-rap (excerpt).pdf

LISTEN- Mvt II Western Slap-rap.mp3

$25.00  Score/Parts

The four points on a compass; the four seasons; the four Gospel accounts; the four horsemen of the Apocalypse; Carl Jung's theory of personality (intellectual, emotional, spiritual, sensual); the Beatles (John, Paul, George and Ringo) etc. The quadrivial paradigm lies at the heart of "Four Points of View" for Violin and Cello - a set of four short movements each of which takes a decidedly different "view" of the same theme. The opening movement is a cello solo with the violin providing a drone accompaniment. Movement II is a playful duet featuring pizzicato and percussive effects. Movement III is a slow nocturne for violin solo with the cello providing a simple accompaniment. Movement IV is a brash and furiously fast finale incorporating folk-idioms from the Balkans.   The mp3 excerpt below is from a Cleveland Orchestra Trio concert given in April of 1998 with Sheryl Staples, Violin and Richard Weiss, Cello.


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