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Serbian Chant



A Sonata for Piano (1982)

LISTEN- Eclipse (excerpt).mp3
$20.00 Score

Duration @ 17min.

"Eclipse" (1982) is a piano sonata in four contiguous movements involving the juxtaposition of and expansion toward musical extremes. The two opening gestures - a massive cluster, from which emerges a single tone - form a microcosm of what is later expressed as a climactic sound mass followed by a very simple tune [pronounced "toon" - a simplistic tonal anacronism with which composers of the late 20th century are loathe to be associated]. The interaction of these two extremes is not unlike the cosmological metaphor expressed by the title. A solar eclipse not only displays the abrupt contrast of light and dark but also of every shade in between. Similarly, the sonata explores a few of the vast array of musical possibilities that exists between the two opening gestures.