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Music of The Divine Liturgy 

In Two Vocal Parts - Serbian Chant


Bilingual Text: English & Church Slavonic

(Adaptation and arrangement by Nikola Resanovic)

The files linked to below contain the music of the Divine Liturgy for two voices (S/A or high/low).  They can be sung by either male or female voices.  The melodies are generally those found in the Anthology of Serbian Chant or traditional Serbian chant melodies.  The two part harmonizations are simple and generally parallel in nature but with intervallic variation where appropriate. 

The two pdf files below are identical with the exception of the red AUDIO links in the first one.  For best results download and open this first pdf file within your pdf reader so that you can view the score within the reader while hearing the audio files, which will open up within your internet browser when you click on them.

The second pdf is for printing.  It is recommended that the first page of actual music (page 2) be placed on the left hand side (where even numbered pages usually appear) with the second page of music (page 3) directly across on the right.  In this fashion the printed file will always show the musical material in a parallel format with the English setting on the left hand side and Church Slavonic setting of the same hymn on the right hand side.  Alternatively, printing only all the even numbered pages will produce a score in English while printing only the odd numbered pages will produce a score in Church Slavonic.  The title page and the table of contents should both be printed single-sided to preserve the correct format for booklets.

NEW: The embedded Audio links now feature live voices and the two vocal parts can be individually selected.
1.  Divine Liturgy - with AUDIO links (recommended for PRACTICE)
2.  Divine Liturgy - without links (recommended for PRINTING)

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