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Serbian Chant


    Sonata for Bb Clarinet and Piano


LOOK - Mvt. I Clarinet Sonata (excerpt).pdf

LISTEN - YouTube Video of premiere

Cynthia Krenzel Doggett, Bb Clarinet

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I.    For the Money... II.  For the Show... III.  To Get Ready... IV.  Go Cat, Go!

The Sonata for Bb Clarinet and Piano is a 10 minute work cast in four short contiguous movements which borrow their titles from a catch phrase popularized by Carl Perkin’s opening lyrics to “Blue Suede Shoes.”  The movement titles were added after the work was completed but are seen by the composer as a fitting expression of the showy style and character of the piece.  The mixture and blending of cross-cultural idioms is central to the composition as a whole.  The work makes heavy use of the split Major/minor 3rd as a unifying device appearing in each of the four movements amidst otherwise contrasted thematic and stylistic elements.   The brief opening movement morphs through several very diverse rhythmic and harmonic styles with the tempo of the16th note being the underlying constant.   The second movement overlays modal harmonies in the piano part with an intense ‘bluesy’ melody played by the clarinet.  A solo cadenza for movement three serves as a bridge combining motivic and thematic elements from each of the earlier movements and anticipating the fourth and final movement.   The boisterous finale is a slightly indulgent detour into the pseudo-ethnic world of the modern Balkans.

Sonata for Bb Clarinet and Piano was commissioned by and written for Cynthia Krenzel Doggett with support from the Iowa Arts Council.  The premiere was given at Central College, Pella, Iowa on Sunday, October 9, 2011.

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